Facundo For Everyone


We manufacture all our products to be gluten free, preserving the original taste.


Hypertension is the main cardiovascular risk factor which is why we’ve developed the Salt-free Range.


We pay special attention in the manufacture of all our products to ensure that none contain traces of egg.


At Facundo we want to create the least impact on our environment, thus making a constant effort in order to be as efficient as possible in our activities.


We carefully choose the ingredients for our products: sunflower oils, without preservatives and artificial colourings, without vegetable or animal fats.


Our R&D department never stop working in order to remove traces of common allergens, so that more and more people can enjoy the flavours of Facundo.


We want to give you reasons to feel good and to be an ambassador for Facundo, through our commitment to offering you the best nuts and snacks.

That’s why we want you to be satisfied when you consume our products and only for the mere fact of seeing our brand, you laugh and enjoy yourself, knowing that our products have been made by people who look after the ecosystem, their society and who love what they do.

At Facundo, our corporate responsibility programmes are a natural extension of our vision, mission and operational principles.

We focus on three strategic concepts in order to justify and articulate all our programmes:
– We think about the Person
– We think about Society
– We think about Ecology

We continue investigating and promoting ways to achieve innovative programmes which satisfy our ambition to be a sustainable organisation. Growth should not be at any cost and we believe that we all have the right to enjoy our place in the world. We’d like to give you reasons so that, through our commitment to offer you the best nuts and snacks, you feel good and are an ambassador for Facundo.

Chaskis Facundo

Conversation and Transparency

We continually organise visits to our factories, which are one of the vehicles which most connect us to our consumers.

This direct relationship with groups of adults and children allow us to show both the production process for the nuts and snacks as well as the company history and philosophy.

We look after the Environment

At Facundo we want to generate the least impact on our environment, being as efficient as possible in our activities.

Our objectives:

– Improving our environment.
– Reducing the waste we generate.
– Improving our environmental indicators.
– Optimizing resources.


At Facundo we’re convinced that in order to achieve overall success in all aspects of business, our business and brand must be sustainable in the long term.

Facundo’s policy is to look after the health of our consumers, occupational safety and to look after our environment. This approach originates in the values expressed in our company philosophy.

Celiac Community

All our products are gluten-free, preserving the original flavour so they can also be enjoyed by people who are intolerant and allergic.

To match the price of our gluten-free products with those containing gluten, we’ve increased our productivity and taken on the profit margin loss, in line with our commitment to this group of people who are allergic or intolerant to gluten.

Commitment to people with hypertension

At Facundo we’ve created our SALT-FREE range so that people with hypertension and who control their salt intake can consume their favourite nuts.

This is a big social commitment where we have the support of the Spanish Heart Foundation (FEC). After carrying out the relevant tests and the appropriate studies, the FEC has given a favourable result and the Salt-Free range carries its seal, becoming part of the PASFEC (FEC Health and Food Programme).



Our factory in Villamuriel has the IFS (International Food Standard) quality certification which fulfils one of the most demanding standards regarding food security, the quality of the facilities and optimisation of the productive processes for our products.


We signed a collaboration agreement with the Spanish Heart Foundation (FECT) to guarantee that our Salt-Free Range doesn’t contain Added Salt.

FEC endorses this range after carrying out the relevant analysis. By signing this agreement, both Cocktail and Salt-Free Sunflower Seeds will have the seal of the FEC, becoming part of the PASFEC (FEC Health and Food Programme).


We ensure the freshness of our products at the time of consumption.

The fats and oils undergo changes in flavour in contact with air, dampness and temperature changes. With the aim of keeping our products in the best conditions, we follow a process we call FACUNDO FRESH:

– We use three-layer packets to prevent oxygen filtrations.

– We create a protective atmosphere in the packets to empty them of oxygen.

– To finish we add a freshness sachet inside all our packets, which takes care of absorbing the rest of the latent oxygen in the sunflower seeds.

– Thanks to Facundo Fresh we obtain a shelf life of 1 year with all our freshness.

In this way we can guarantee that at the time of consumption the customer is going to find a product of MAXIMUM FRESH.