Facundo is a model in creating the best nuts and snacks for your enjoyment since 1944.

The company continues working hard to become a model in quality, excellence, innovation and to be the only company where all their products are suitable for all. Its objective is to be an imaginative, ingenious, socially responsible and daring company which constantly surprises its customers with delicious and tasty products, compatible with a healthy lifestyle and which are able to capture a loyal public through their brands, of which more than 80 million packets are consumed every year.



To develop a faithful relationship with our consumers; encouraging respect and commitment with our clients and suppliers, and creating a healthy and sustainable environment by means of our policies and actions in society.


To be the favourite nuts and snacks trademark for our consumers developing new products, references in quality and relevant for our client, while remaining faithful to the values of our trademark.

Commitment with quality

To offer the best quality and value to our consumers.

Work well done

We are a team, we treat our consumers, employees, suppliers and clients with respect and commitment.


For us, honesty means working hard to give what we have promised.

Family Nature

Its not just a business but a legacy that must be maintained.


To improve day by day and surprise the market offering new products and relevant for the consumer.

Customer service

For us, the customer is the real king, either if it is the distributor, the retailer or the final consumer, to achieve between all of us to offer every day a better product and better service.

“The greatest asset of the company Facundo is undoubtedly its people, of who we are all proud of.”
Vicente Villagrá Blanco